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Stand-out Elegance

Our opportunity, as designers,
is to learn how to handle the complexity,
rather than shy away from it,
and to realize that the big art of design is to
make complicated things simple.
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The Constellation Project brings together the best in class features and finishes carefully curated, through years of research, from the globes leading suppliers and brands; successfully achieving visual flawlessness coupled with unparalleled functionality.


The kitchens in the villas are complete with premier Italian finishing. Their elegance and beauty complements their state-of-the-art design and functionality.
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The full matte white lacquer kitchens with hidden handles and soft close hinges, along with Dekton countertops, and contemporary, high-tech Bosch appliances, is visually splendid, and equally functional. The kitchens mirror the simplicity yet opulence of the design theme.

A focus on quality and luxury were the main drivers when designing the bathrooms.
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An elegant yet extremely peaceful atmosphere has been attained with beautifully incorporated Bango Design sanitary-ware, custom ordered matte tiles and mosaics, uniquely built Compab vanities, and bespoke designed Italian mirrors. All the elements together, create a harmony that promotes peace and sanctity amidst grandeur.

Ambient lighting is an imperative part of any home’s design and décor to enhance the desired ambiance and splendor. Fitted with the world’s premier brands: Novalux, iGuzzini and Elcom, the light design has managed to elevate the spaciousness and serenity of the properties.
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Each fixture has been carefully and intelligently chosen to radiate a therapeutic impact on its surroundings. Each light communicates with the space it inhabits through a careful understanding of the flow of people and use of the particular space, thereby combining aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Boasting the title of the first project in Kenya to utilize the premier global window brand, Schüco, the windows of the homes are expertly designed to promote maximum efficiency in combination with aesthetic appeal.
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The Constellation Project may very well have the most technically advanced residential window system,masterfully designed to mirror the enthralling personality and soul of the villas.
Roller Blinds

Concealed bespoke roller blinds, that exude a minimalistic aesthetic, combined with a purposeful design, can be accessed with the touch of a button.
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These fine Italian electric guided blinds are completely waterproof, and effectively protect against mosquitoes, whilst encouraging generous airflow and promoting the right amount of shade. These alluring blinds exude timeless class, perfectly complementary to the magnificent villa where they’re housed.

The floors are adorned with luscious and distinctly textured tiles made from the finest Italian porcelain, indisputably durable and of the highest quality, and precisely placed by Italian craftsmen.
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The luster and delicate texture of each tile, is aligned with the finesses and sophistication of the properties.
Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring by the global pioneer in the field, Kahrs, gives a unique ambiance, sophistication and warmth that you can’t help but admire.
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The timeless style of a natural oak finish makes a classic statement, enriching the overall aura of the villas.

Custom, Italian, matte white lacquer, pivot doors are functionally aesthetic. Each door has a concealed frame and virtually invisible pivot mechanism, allowing it to be flush with the wall, celling, and floor.
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Each door is adorned with Porsche Design handles and locks. Furthermore, each zone uses a specific key, eliminating the unnecessary need and headache of countless keys.

The outside is designed to be an oasis that will leave you awestruck. Boundary wall flowers have been carefully selected to ensure flowering plants all year round thereby this picturesque landscape will continue to grow, becoming more and more scenic and intricate with each passing year.
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An array of rare Magnolia trees, cacti and flowers adorn the property, all rooted in a rare allocation of stadium grass developed over the course of 16 years by the University of Georgia.

Innovative, matte white lacquer closets, built by wardrobe pioneers Novamobili...
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Innovative, matte white lacquer closets, built by wardrobe pioneers Novamobili are a discrete yet sophisticated functional feature in each bedroom, helping to transform mundane tasks into pleasurable highlights of the day.

Concealed, vented Air Conditioning units are intelligently placed to ensure each resident can enjoy consistent air distribution at their desired temperature...
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Concealed, vented Air Conditioning units are intelligently placed to ensure each resident can enjoy consistent air distribution at their desired temperature in the space they inhabit, thereby offering the ultimate luxuries of comfort and ease, whilst benefiting from significant energy savings.
Home Automation

A smart and intelligent home automation system that controls security and lighting zones, blinds and air conditioning, adds luxury and convenience to your lifestyle.
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The seamless and efficient technological additions are all programmable and useable through mobile and tablet, thereby maximizing usability and functionality
Roller Shutters

The structures have been enhanced with simple yet aesthetically pleasing concealed extruded aluminum roller shutters manufactured by Italian specialists.
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The visually pleasing aesthetic of our roller shutters intelligently contributes to the privacy, insulation, security and weather protection of the property.
False Ceiling

The ceilings are finished with a monolithic and uniform false ceiling that has a consistent height through the entirety of the properties.
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All wiring and piping can be concealed, thereby contributing to a visually pleasing experience. This feature also allows for any changes to occur with services, lighting, and wiring with no damage to the structure, again bringing together the symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics, which is a prevalent theme in the buildings and design of the properties.
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The Constellation Project in collaboration with The Carpet Centre Dubai brings together a contemporary and modern selection of fine carpets curated from across Turkey, India and Persia. Cutting-edge and sophisticated these carpets are timeless treasures that will be a captivating addition to any home and truly cherished by any individual with a strong appreciation for the avant-grade.


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